Alaska Land Exploration

Whenever. Wherever.
Whatever it Takes.

Alaska Land Exploration is a 133/135 certified helicopter charter company established in 2008. We are based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Alaska Helicopter Charters

Alaska Land Exploration specializes in statewide helicopter charters services with external load capabilities, transportation, and logistical support in remote Alaskan locations. Our service extends statewide from Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow) to the Aleutian Islands.


Alaska Land Exploration
Fairbanks, Alaska

Helicopter Support Services
for Remote Alaska

Alaska Land Exploration supports individuals who need safe, efficient, and reliable access to remote Alaskan locations and offer discounts for long-term contracts.

Learn more about our Helicopter Services

  • Scientific Expeditions, Environmental Research, & Wildlife Management
  • Flightseeing Tours & Adventure Packages
  • Aerial Photography, Cinematography, Filmmaking
  • Mineral Exploration, Mining Claim Staking, & Remote Logistics
  • Precision Vertical Reference and Long-line Capabilities
  • Aircraft Salvage, Snowmachine, and ATV Recovery

We are committed to your safety

Safety comes first when you fly with Alaska Land Exploration. All aspects of our operations adhere to strict quality and safety standards.