Alaska Land Exploration

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Alaska Land Exploration is a Fairbanks, Alaska-based air charter company dedicated to safely transporting people and their gear to remote locations in Alaska.

Alaska Helicopter Charters

Alaska Land Exploration specializes in Helicopter Charters, Transportation, Logistics and access to remote Alaskan locations. Our experience and commitment to excellence means that our customers receive safe and dependable helicopter transportation. We strive to make each trip as enjoyable and efficient as possible. We support mineral exploration and mining, geophysical surveys, remote construction camps, scientific expeditions, film crews, wildlife research, and Alaskan adventures.

Explore Alaska with our Experienced Alaskan Helicopter Pilot

Alaska Land Exploration
Fairbanks, Alaska

Alex Shapiro

Alaskan Helicopter Pilot
Certified A&P Mechanic
Wilderness Logistics Expert

Alaska Land Exploration is owned and operated by Alex Shapiro. Alex is a highly qualified helicopter pilot experienced in Alaskan flight operations and remote wilderness logistics. Beyond his skills at the controls, Alex is a technically gifted and certified airframe and powerplant mechanic. His expertise and attention to detail with aircraft systems reduces the chance of mechanical delays. Alex’s creative problem solving approach also make him extremely capable of solving your remote wilderness logistics. Alex loves exploring Alaska’s wild and rugged backcountry. Alex understands the importance of effective and timely communications in meeting your unique transportation and planning needs.

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Helicopter Support Services for Remote Alaska

We support miners, surveyors, technicians, scientists, agencies, film crews, pilots, adventurers, and anyone else who needs efficient and reliable access to remote Alaskan locations.

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  • Geological surveys
  • Mining claim staking
  • Mapping support
  • Mineral exploration
  • Construction surveys
  • Communication sites
  • Wilderness adventures
  • Flightseeing tours
  • Scientific expeditions
  • Wildlife management
  • Environmental research
  • Aircraft salvage
  • Location Scouting
  • Video productions
  • Aerial photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Cinematography
  • Remote Logistics