Your Safety is Our Priority

Our Focus on Safety
Provides You with
the Best Flying Experience 

We are committed to your safety.

When you fly with Alaska Land Exploration, safety always comes first. We want our clients to rest assured that we do everything possible to make traveling with us a safe and comfortable experience. All aspects of our operations adhere to strict quality and safety standards. We love what we do. We want you to love it, too.

Essentials of Safety


All of our pilots have a minimum of 4000 hours piloting helicopters. This is more than double what the FAA requires for air carrier operations. Pilots complete specific and thorough training for Aeronautical Decision Making, Aircraft Performance Planning, Operating in Adverse Weather Conditions, Crew Resource Management, Passenger Briefing, and Emergency Response Procedures. We are highly experienced with the Alaskan terrain and weather conditions in which we operate. Our pilots’ sound judgement and strong command of operational planning allow our passengers to focus on their travel and mission objectives.


Alaska Land Exploration is an FAA certified Part 133/135 Air Carrier. This certification assures that our operations and training programs meet or exceed FAA standards. We are closely monitored by the FAA to ensure ongoing compliance and maintain high standards for public safety.

In addition to the expertise and training our pilots have with aircraft operations and safety procedures, our Certified Helicopter Mechanics are factory-trained in inspecting, monitoring and maintaining our aircraft.


Our Robinson Factory Trained Helicopter Mechanics perform daily maintenance checks on each aircraft before the first flight, after shutdown during a turnaround, and after the last flight. Any abnormalities discovered result in immediate appropriate actions. We carefully track aircraft flight hours electronically to ensure that all inspections, checks, and part replacements are performed according to recommended schedules. We order parts directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to trace manufacturing dates. We take pride in keeping all of our aircraft in the safest operating and optimally performing condition possible


Effective safety practices include educating and involving our customers in safe behaviors aboard and around our aircraft. Pilots always provide thorough passenger briefings and welcome questions about procedures on the ground and in the air. We always follow these FAA guidelines:

  • No passengers may board while the rotors are rotating without an escort.
  • Passengers must never approach or exit the aircraft towards the rear of the helicopter.
  • No aircraft will taxi between the ramp and another aircraft that is loading passengers.
  • All passengers will be properly briefed as to the operation of the entry and exit doors, operation of seatbelts, presence of no-smoking placards, location and operation of fire extinguisher, location of survival equipment, and where to find the passenger briefing card for the aircraft prior to takeoff, as required by FAR 135.117.
  • Any hazardous action, conduct, or event observed by any employee will be reported to the company’s chief pilot.