Helicopter Flight Training

Professional Aviation Flight Training
in Robinson R-22 and R-44 Helicopters


Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight

Alaska Land Exploration is dedicated to providing professional primary and advanced aviation flight training in the Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters. Our professional instructors will take student pilots from their first flight to commercial and CFI in a working environment that will prepare them for Alaskas remote backcountry. This all begins with your discovery flight, when you get on the controls and see what you are capable of. You will begin your day by meeting your instructor, receive safety training, and preflight the aircraft. As you go over the aircraft with your instructor, you will be learning the operational systems of the aircraft, how they work, and the basic techniques to control them. Once you are airborne, you will be on the controls as you explore the local Fairbanks area, learning the feel of the machine and expanding your horizons. 


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Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot Certificate

Through your Private Pilot Certificate training, the patterns and habits you learn with our professional instructors will serve as the foundation on which all of your future flight experience will be built. Alaska Land Exploration will mentor you through the entire Private Pilot Certificate process from start to finish, and you will have our full attention to provide you with best individualized training experience possible.  We understand that each student has unique learning styles and abilities. Our team of instructors have a variety of experience and personalities to give our students choice and control over their education. 

Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot  Certificate

Your Commercial Pilot Certificate training is where you will start to learn more advanced skills and techniques while holding yourself to a higher standard. You will expand on your knowledge you developed as a Private Pilot in order to maximize efficiency and safety in the commercial environment.  You will become more aware of the traps and dangers that you will be challenged with, and learn pragmatic and disciplined ways to avoid them. We will train in real world working situations including mountain flying techniques, high density altitude operations and winter flying. The Alaska bush will become your normal environment and you will have the opportunity to expand the training to other parts of the state. Since we are a working company, you will have the opportunity to accompany your instructor on repositioning flights and be exposed to real world commercial operations. Let Alaska Land Exploration guide and mentor you through this crucial step on your way into a career in aviation.

Commercial Pilot Flight School

Advanced Helicopter Training

Advanced Training
Vertical Reference and External Load Training

For all advanced students who want a challenge, Alaska Land Exploration offers vertical reference and external load training. Students will start out their Vertical Reference Training with ground instruction and then put it into practice in the R44. At the end of the course, you will be proficient in line lengths vary from 30′ – 200′.

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Advanced Training

Training Schedule

Flight School Scheduling

Alaska Land Exploration will work directly with the student to identify his or her learning style and will schedule flight training that will work best for their needs. Some students will choose and accelerated schedule while other will choose a more relaxed schedule; Alaska Land Exploration will accommodate your training needs.